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“Schwartz has done a superb job”

Bible critics try to use events from the early prophets to further their notion that the Torah post-dated the early prophets. Their logic is that the transgressions committed by characters would seem to indicate that the Torah was not yet given at that time. Their view is, how else could these characters have made such […]

“The insights here are both profound and subtle”

Mention Izhbitz and many people will know about the Mei Hashiloach, and that it was a controversial work by Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Leiner, the first rebbe of Izhbitz. More than that, they likely do not know. Moreover, that is a shame given the brilliance that emanated from the house of Izhbitz. In “Pathways to the […]

An Interview with Rabbi Bezalel Naor

Title of Book: The Legends of Rabbah bar Bar Hannah: With the Commentary of Rabbi Abraham Isaac HaKohen Kook Author: Rabbi Abraham Isaac HaKohen Kook Translated by: Rabbi Bezalel Naor Publisher: Kodesh Press Who is Rabbah Bar Bar Hannah? There is some confusion about his name, but to straighten matters out, he is Rabbah the […]

“a fascinating window into the origins of Hebrew words, practices and customs”

Entertaining, erudite, and enjoyable, Roots and Rituals: Insights into Hebrew, Holidays, and History, by Mitchell First, an attorney and scholar of Jewish history and Hebrew, consists of 62 brief articles on the Hebrew language, Jewish holidays and Jewish history. Roots and Rituals includes eight selections on Jewish liturgy, 10 articles on Jewish history, 32 pieces […]

A Theology of Holiness is a thinking person’s book, but one that is accessible to all people of all backgrounds who are prepared to do some thinking, and it is an engaging read that I think will stimulate and resonate with many.

The Jewish people are called upon to be a holy people and to perform holy acts, including specific rituals on holy days, while remaining cognizant that the ultimate setting to serve God and realise their mission as a holy nation is in the holy land. Yet, despite holiness – or in Hebrew, Kedusha – being a central […]

The idea of kedusha is so pervasive in Judaism that I believe many people think they understand what it is and how it work simply by osmosis. What Alec is able to do is bring a rigorous and methodical approach to understanding what is otherwise an amorphous topic. 

The first thing I did when I received my copy of Alec Goldstein’s A Theology of Holiness (Kodesh Press, 2018) was flip to the back and peruse the bibliography. Jacob Milgrom? Check. Rudolf Otto? Check. Rav Soloveitchik? Check. Ok, this is going to be good. I was definitely not disappointed. Beyond doing a tremendous service to the […]

Rabbi Goldstein really gets at the core idea of what holiness means from a religious perspective. Since holiness is so central to what it means to be religious at all, this book has a profound impact on Jewish philosophical thought in general.

The secret is out. If you’ve wondered how Kodesh Press got its name, it’s because the founder, Rabbi Alec Goldstein, has spent 10 years looking into the idea of “holiness, kedusha,” and he just published his fascinating and exciting new study, “A Theology of Holiness: Historical, Exegetical, and Philosophical Perspectives.” His new book is a […]

“an original and refreshing approach to Torah and Tanach study”

Originally Reviewed by Ben Rothke in Jewish Press (August 23, 2018) The notion of applying academic Bible scholarship to Tanach is enough to give many people palpitations. Some may even think that its but one step away from embracing the documentary hypothesis of other forms of heresy. In Keys to the Palace: Exploring the Religious Value of Reading Tanakh, […]

“as fun to read as it is important” – Rabbi Ari Enkin

Reviewed by Rabbi Ari Enkin, torahbookreviews.blogspot.com, February 8, 2019 Even more than in his previous book (“Esther Unmasked”) Mitchell First, a lawyer, once again treats us to lots of cool facts and bits of information that most people don’t often come across. In this volume he focuses on “Hebrew, Holidays, and History”. In addition to the Hebrew […]

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