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The Sephardic Family Haggadah (Dozen)


The Sephardic Family Haggadah is designed to help make your Passover Seder meaningful and memorable. Every page has instructions on how to observe the rituals of the Seder and on the thematic flow of the Haggadah. The clear translation throughout the Haggadah and the transliteration of key passages will offer the opportunity for everyone at your table to take part in the celebration.

About Rabbi Yamin Levy

Rabbi Yamin Levy has been serving the Sephardic rabbinate in the United States for over 25 years. He has dedicated his career to preserving the rich and multi-cultural Heritage of Sephardic Jewry. He is currently Rabbi of Beth Hadassah Synagogue in Great Neck / Kings Point, New York. He is the Rabbi of the Long Island Hebrew Academy, the only Sephardic Day School on the North Shore of Long Island, as well as the founder and International Director of the Maimonides Heritage Center based in Israel and New York. He has authored numerous books, articles and essays on Jewish Law, Tanakh, HaRambam, and Sephardic Studies.

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