Road to Redemption (וגאלתי אתכם)




The night of the seder is perhaps the most sublime evening of the year. The home is transformed, families are reunited, and redemption is in the atmosphere. We celebrate Pesach, the anniversary of our national origin, but we also look with anticipation and excitement to the future. It is a night of questions and ideas, of
rituals and traditions, of an inspirational review of our roles and responsibilities as Jews.
Road to Redemption explores that and more – analyzing the distinct aspects of the seder from new angles, understanding the unique role of women and children,
and clarifying the concept of redemption. There are novel questions raised and answered that make this volume an essential companion to any seder and will help
provoke thoughtful discussion. Why must Pesach always fall in the spring? What does it mean to be a chosen people? How important are miracles in the Torah’s
view? Why is so much emphasis placed on chametz and matzah? And how is the seder intertwined with the land of Israel? Each chapter investigates a different facet of the experience of Pesach and living a full Jewish life. And each chapter yearns for the coming redemption.

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