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Pathways to the Heart


Rabbi Boshnack does an excellent job of unpacking [the Izbitzer’s] meaning

– Jewish Press

The insights here are both profound and subtle

– Jewish Link of New Jersey

  Enter the world of the Tzadikim of Izhbitz/Radzyn with Rabbi Reuven Boshnack. It is a world brimming with psychological meaning and philosophical depth. Unfortunately, their sefarim are written in a language of their own, making it difficult for a beginner to access them. Rabbi Boshnack’s Pathways to the Heart has done a great service to those seeking their words by translating them, making them accessible and also including them in their original Lashon Hakodesh. Each teaching is accompanied by a practical lesson to incorporate into your daily life, as well as citations to pursue the topic in greater depth. A fascinating and groundbreaking way to be able to access these profound ideas – for all.





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