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Keys to the Palace

Exploring the Religious Value of Reading Tanakh



In this latest collection of essays, Rabbi Hayyim Angel continues to demonstrate the intellectual and spiritual benefits of the interaction between religious Jewish Tanakh learning and academic Bible scholarship. Throughout these twenty studies, Rabbi Angel introduces learning tools and implements them. The first seven essays explore significant areas of learning methodology and religious outlook, and the thirteen text studies put this methodology into practice. As in his popular classes at Yeshiva University, Rabbi Angel leads readers through the learning process so that they become involved as well. Rabbi Angel’s erudite scholarship, transparency of method, and engaging style make this book—as well as all his others—a must-read for religious students of Tanakh as well as all those who are interested in the engagement of religious and academic approaches to Bible study. Mind, heart, and soul grow together through these learned and accessible studies.

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“an original and refreshing approach to Torah and Tanach study”

Originally Reviewed by Ben Rothke in Jewish Press (August 23, 2018) The notion of applying academic Bible scholarship to Tanach is enough to give many people palpitations. Some may even think that its but one step away from embracing the documentary hypothesis of other forms of heresy. In Keys to the Palace: Exploring the Religious Value of Reading Tanakh, […]

The Tension that Is Tanakh

The Tension that Is Tanakh Review by Yaakov Beasley. Originally published at Lehraus.   “Just as a bride is bedecked with twenty-four ornaments, so too a scholar is bedecked with (knowledge of) the twenty-four books of the Tanakh” – Rashi, Exodus 31:18. Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrkanus warned his students, “hold back your children from ‘’higayon’” […]

“R. Angel has done us a tremendous service”

Book Review: Keys to the Palace, by Rabbi Hayyim Angel Review by Mitchell First. This review originally appeared in New Jersey Jewish Link In my youth, I was greatly influenced by the Daat Mikra edition of Tanach, published by Mossad HaRav Kook. One of its main contributions was to take the best of modern scholarship and incorporate […]

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