Jewish Holiday Companion


Jewish Holiday Companion

Insights into the the Meaning of the Holidays, Their Prayers, Symbols and Biblical Readings

Rabbi Hayyim Angel

To connect to our tradition, we must understand the inner meaning and symbols of the holidays, and thereby become active participants in the ongoing relationship between God and Israel. This Jewish Holiday Companion is comprised of brief essays on the holidays, their symbols, and synagogue readings, making it a timeless and meaningful volume that enables each reader to connect to the Jewish festivals year after year.

The essays draw from the best of traditional and contemporary scholarship, and attempt to make the holidays and their ideas more relevant, inspiring, and accessible through the prism of rabbinic thought throughout the ages.

Rabbi Hayyim Angel is the National Scholar of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals (, founded to foster the goal of an Orthodox Judaism that is both intellectually curious and spiritually vibrant. He has also deeply influenced many hundreds of students at Yeshiva University, where he currently teaches Bible.




Rabbi Hayyim Angel has rightly earned a reputation as being one of the great teachers on Tanach in our time. He has authored a handful of books and hundreds of articles on biblical and religious themes, and has garnered a huge following based on his 17 years at Spanish-Portuguese Synagogue and 20 years at Yeshiva University, where he has even taught classes on how to teach Tanach. His new book, Jewish Holiday Companion, is a gem. In a time of year when we are pulled in every direction at once, Rabbi Angel offers guidance and clarity in how to approach the holidays, both intellectually and spiritually. – Jewish Press. Read full review


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