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In the Spirit


This book of uplifting mussar and deep insights should be read by all of us. — Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo

Author, editor, and translator, Dr. Dov Peretz Elkins has given us a new look at Judaism’s robust and thoughtful ideas about life, growth and spirituality. World-renowned educator, and New York Times best-selling author (Chicken Soup for the Jewish Soul), Rabbi Elkins is a recipient of the National Jewish Book Award.

This sterling collection of essays touches on many of Judaism’s most significant themes, such as education, empathy, environment, faith, miracles, messiah, mysticism, prayer, conscience, Shabbat, and much more. With insight and simplicity, the author plumbs the most powerful spiritual questions of the modern age. Seasoned scholars and untutored neophytes will find innovative answers to their most important questions. Each of these brief essays brings new insights and renewed spiritual awareness to all who seek a more wholesome and meaningful existence.


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