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“Everyone who believes there is room for improvement in the success rate when it comes to shidduchim would do well to buy the book.” – Rabbi Aaron Reichel. Read full review

EndTheMadness is filled with sensible and insightful Torah analysis written in a down-to-earth style about what can be done to solve the difficulties on the Jewish dating scene. Rabbi Weissman’s writing is humorous and imaginative (the first chapter is about how Chasidim would explain the Shidduch system to aliens), while offering some concrete steps everyone can take to ease the difficulty of finding love. He argues that most of the Shidduch crisis is self-inflicted, which is good news, because it means there is a cure. This work is an impassioned and persuasive argument how everyone—married people, matchmakers, and singles themselves—can take constructive and reasonable steps to bring Jews together in healthy and gratifying marriages.



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