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There are few Orthodox thinkers who possess Rabbi Hayyim Angel’s stunning mastery of contemporary rabbinic and academic scholarship, drawn together here in a lucid and timely illumination of the major ideological issues facing traditional Jews in the 21st century. — Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman, Author of Ani Maamin: Biblical Criticism, Historical Truth and the Thirteen Principles of Faith
Rabbi Angel forces our attention to the textual grindstone, without ever losing sight of the bigger picture, of the spirit behind the text. There is much to be learned from this insightful book, and much pleasure to be had in the learning.  — Professor Menachem Kellner, Shalem College
Praise for Prior Works: It is the quality of his analysis and the transparency of his exposition that has made Hayyim Angel a remarkably popular and influential teacher…. —  Rabbi Shalom Carmy, Yeshiva University

The Tanakh is the cornerstone of Jewish thought and religious life. The serious study of Tanakh requires constant effort, as we sift through the commentaries who are locked in a perpetual state of debate. At the same time, we have a sacred duty to move seamlessly beyond the textual analysis in order to build a robust religious life and a virtuous and inclusive society, and partake of the living experience of God and humanity.


Master educator Rabbi Hayyim Angel, the National Scholar of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals (jewishideas.org), focuses on that intersection between text analysis and an authentic religious life. These scholarly articles—written in an engaging, accessible, and lucid manner—explore an array of seminal religious topics from biblical and rabbinic tradition, including: The Land of Israel, biblical and contemporary morality, Sephardic biblical interpreters from the past 500 years, and dogma in Jewish tradition, among others. By understanding these foundational issues, readers of all backgrounds will connect more deeply to their religious roots and apply these discussions in their daily lives.

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