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Conflict & Resolution in the Early Prophets


Schwartz has done a superb job

— Jewish Link of New Jersey

This is an enlightening work marked by erudition, clarity, and analytical precision.”

— Dr. David Berger, Dean of Bernard Revel Graduate School

lucid and erudite analysis of the rabbinic perspective

— Dr. Sid Leiman, Professor of Jewish History, Touro College

sophisticated taxonomy of rabbinic resolutions

— Dr. Moshe Sokolow, Associate Dean, Azrieli School of Jewish Education

Rabbi Allen Schwartz compiles, categorizes, and explains over 100 seeming violations of Torah law in the books of Joshua, Judges, and Samuel. The Tanna’im and Amoraim were acutely aware of these apparent violations and in some cases, were courageously open about criticizing the heroes of the Bible. In other cases, they fiercely fought to acquit the biblical characters from any wrongdoing. Rabbi Schwartz’s unique work is filled with unexpected interpretations, and is ideal for anyone who wants to understand these characters, as well as the perspectives of the Talmudic and Medieval Rabbis, more deeply. A satisfying and engaging read!


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