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Ask Rabbi Jack


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Rabbi Abramowitz is a Judaic treasure and I know that you will love his new book of Jewish answers to questions we all have.
— Rabbi Steven Burg, CEO, Aish HaTorah

Not every single question out there has an answer that we can grasp, but if the answer is out there, Rabbi Abramowitz likely will have it.
— Allison Josephs, Founder, Jew in the City

Rabbi Jack Abramowitz is a virtuoso of Torah teaching. He conveys Torah concepts that require years to master in language that is understandable and enjoyable. — Rabbi Gil Student, Editor-in-Chief, Torahmusings.com

For two decades, Rabbi Jack Abramowitz has been the answer man for a number of Jewish organizations. Now, some of his substantive yet down-to-earth Q&A are collected in print for the first time. Ask Rabbi Jack includes material from the Jew in the City website along with several never-before-seen exchanges. Topics include Tanach, mitzvot, halacha, Jewish philosophy and much more, including timely questions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

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