A Shepherd’s Song


A Shepherd’s Song

Psalm 23 and the Shepherd Metaphor in Jewish Thought

Rabbi Michael Leo Samuel


In an age of great spiritual disconnection and alienation from the deepest aspects of  our souls, Rabbi Michael Leo Samuel’s A Shepherd’s Song: Psalm 23 and the Shepherd Metaphor in Jewish Thought takes us on a spiritual journey through the luminous imagery of the shepherd archetype. The transformative power and message intimated by the shepherd metaphor and its history serves to remind us that we are not alone in a universe that is bereft of God’s ethical Presence. Timeless and inspirational, the shepherd metaphor addresses the fundamental relationship between God and man, speaking directly to questions raised by centuries of persecution. What is the nature of suffering in a just universe? How does suffering alter our perceptions of God? How can we rediscover our faith in difficult and challenging times?  Rabbi Samuel explores questions of faith that are as old as the story of Job and as modern as the Holocaust.

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… recommended for anyone who wants to delve into a deeper understanding of the nature and meaning of prayer and the reading of sacred text. – Association of Jewish Libraries, December 214. Read full review

Seek the Shepherd When He Is Near – Olam Haemet, September 1, 2014. Read full review

Psalm 23 is arguably the most well known of the one hundred fifty psalms. Its opening line, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want” presents a powerful image of the most awesome entity in the universe providing you a comfortable place to rest, all you can eat and drink, and even protection from your enemies. How bad is that? To get these, all you have to be is ……… a sheep. – Fred Reiss, Ed. D., May 1, 2014. Read full review

Rabbi Samuel takes us step by step through the rabbinic expositions on the 23rd Psalm and the daily life and work of the shepherd with his (or her) flock as a metaphor of God’s love for Israel. – Jenna Black, San Diego State University, May 1, 2014. Read full review


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