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Daniel A. Klein

Daniel A. Klein

Daniel A. Klein, an attorney and legal writer, is a graduate of Yeshiva University and New York University School of Law. His study of Italian as a youthful hobby led to a fascination with Italian Jewish culture and, in particular, the works of Shadal (Samuel David Luzzatto). Shadal on Genesis is a new edition of his 1998 translation; he has also published Shadal on Exodus (2015). His articles on Shadal’s writings and on aspects of Jewish law—some of them translations from Italian, others the fruit of his own research—have appeared in Ḥakirah, Jewish Bible Quarterly, and La Rassegna Mensile di Israel, and online in Lehrhaus and the website of the Jewish Community of Rome. He and his wife live in Rochester, New York, where he has taught Judaic studies at elementary, high school, and adult levels.


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