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Rabbi Jack Bieler

Rabbi Jack Bieler founded Kemp Mill Synagogue in Silver Spring, MD in 1990, where he served as spiritual leader until his retirement in 2015. He received ordination from Yeshiva University where he also earned an MA in Jewish Education (1974). He was a member of the faculty of Yeshivat Ramaz and the Berman Hebrew Academy, and taught in adult education programs in New York and Silver Spring. He has published numerous papers and articles about Jewish education and the issues facing Judaism today. Rabbi Bieler and his wife, Dr. Joan, have four children and nine grandchildren.


“The book belongs in every Jewish high school and middle school library as well as in the synagogue; it is a goldmine for creating lesson plans and homiletic materials.” —  Dr. Alan Brill, Nov. 7, 2016 What are the “meta-values” of Judaism? Jewish tradition is rich with analysis of every topic imaginable, from major philosophical issues like […]

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