Reviewed: R. Bezalel Naor’s “When God Becomes History”

When God Becomes History: Historical Essays of Rabbi Abraham Isaac HaKohen Kook Edited by R. Bezalel Naor Reviewed by Rabbi Elisha Paul, Jewish Press (March 2017) There has rarely been a more maligned figure of such lofty stature as Rav Kook. He was vilified during his lifetime by a small vocal minority of scholars who didn’t appreciate […]

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Rabbi Ari Kahn’s “A Taste of Eden” Reviewed by Rabbi Gil Student

A Taste of Eden: (More) Torah for the Shabbat Table by Rabbi Ari Kahn Reviewed by Rabbi Gil Student, Jewish Action (November 2016) Much of classical rabbinic Torah commentary consists of complex distillation and expansion of midrashic and Talmudic interpretations. Comparing explanations from across the midrashic literature, these commentaries have built vast and intricate theories that shed […]

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What Does Passover Mean to Us?

What Does Passover Mean to Us? A Review of As If We Were There by Rabbi Gidon Rothstein, Jewish Press, March 31 Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik famously said ein kedushah b’li hachanah– there is no holiness without preparation. This is an idea that lies at the heart of Judaism, and really at the heart of everything we […]

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Esther Unmasked – Reviewed by Moshe Isaacson

Esther Unmasked by Mitchell First Reviewed by Moshe Isaacson, March 6, 2016 (Original Post Here) Esther Unmasked by Mitchell First is available here I have been a fan of Mitchell First’s work since I first read one of his posts on the Seforim Blog. Normally I like to fancy myself as a conceptual person, to me […]

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Shadal on Exodus – Reviewed by Rav Gil Student

Shadal on Exodus: Samuel David Luzzatto’s Interpretation of the Book of Shemot Reviewed by Rabbi Gil Student   The publication of Daniel A. Klein’s English translation of Shadal’s commentary on Exodus offers us an opportunity to consider the place on the Orthodox bookshelf for Prof. Shmuel David Luzzatto (Italy, 1800-1865). Shadal lived during the flowering of […]

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