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Rabbi Elchanan Shoff on Talkline Communications

Rabbi Elchanan Shoff being interviewed by Zev Brenner of Talkline Communications. Originally aired September 9, 2015.   Rabbi Shoff is the author of Lord, Get Me High: Making the most of the High Holiday Season by exploring themes from Le-Dovid (Psalm 27)

September Report of Rabbi Hayyim Angel

September Report of Rabbi Hayyim Angel, National Scholar of the Institute of Jewish Ideas and Ideals Rabbi Hayyim Angel September, 2015 To our members and friends, I hope you are all well. As the New Year approaches, we have a robust new season of Institute programs in store. This report will give an overview, and […]

The First (Forbidden) Fruit 5775

Rabbi Ari Kahn on Parashat Ki Tavo 5775 How is the Mitzvah of Bikkurim a Tikkun of the “original sin” in Eden? The First (Forbidden) Fruit Rabbi Ari Kahn’s book A River Flowed from Eden is now available.

Rabbi Chananya Weisman quoted in The Forward

The discussion around dating and marriage in the Jewish community is continuing on the heels of Time Mazagine‘s article “Date-onomics.” Rabbi Chananya Weissman has been quoted again, this time in the Forward. You can read the article here. And if you missed the original article in Time, you can read it here. Rabbi Weissman’s book EndTheMadness is available here.

Rabbi Elchanan Shoff on Ki Tavo 5775

Rabbi Elchanan Shoff is one of the dynamic young Orthodox Rabbis of our age. He combines a brilliant intellect, a great breadth of knowledge, and a deep understanding of people with his wit, humor, and engaging demeanor. A sought-after lecturer and prolific author, Rabbi Shoff is the founding Rabbi of Beis Knesses at Faircrest Heights […]

Rabbi Zev Reichman on Ki Tavo

Rabbi Zev Reichman is the director of the Mechina Program at Yeshiva University. He studied in Yeshiva Shaar HaTorah, Yeshivas Chevron and RIETS, where he received his semikhah. He currently serves as the Rabbi of East Hill Synagogue of Englewood, New Jersey.   Rabbi Zev Reichman’s book on Chasidic thought, Flames of Faith, is now […]

Rabbi Ari Kahn “Gratitude” – Parashat Ki Tavo

“Gratitude” Rabbi Ari D. Kahn on Parashat Ki Tavo 5775 The life that awaits the Children of Israel in the Promised Land will hold many challenges alongside its rewards, and in Parashat Ki Tavo Moshe turns the spotlight on both sides of this coin. The Land of Israel is unlike any other place in the […]

Facebook knows Shadal is coming

Samuel David Luzzatto (1800-1865), known by his Hebrew acronym Shadal, was the leading Italian Jewish scholar of the 19th century. A linguist, educator, and religious thinker, he devoted his talents above all to the interpretation of the Bible. As a master of Hebrew grammar and usage, he focused on the plain meaning of the text. […]

When a Millstone is Not a Millstone

Rabbi Ari D. Kahn on Parashat Ki Teitzei 5775. When a Millstone is NOT a Millstone Ki Teitzei Source Sheet 5775 Rabbi Ari Kahn’s book is now available, A River Flowed from Eden: Torah for the Shabbos Table

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