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Rabbi Hayyim Angel at KJ

Thanks for alll who came out to KJ last night. Classes continue through December 9. More information is available on facebook or on the Institute’s website .

Simchat Torah 5776: From Sinai to Jerusalem

From Sinai to Jerusalem: Simchat Torah 5776 Rabbi Ari D. Kahn In the final parashah of the Torah, Moshe takes leave of his people by blessing them: And this is the blessing with which Moshe, the man of God, blessed the children of Israel [just] before his death. He said: “God came from Sinai and […]

Imagine – Parashat Ha’azinu 5776

“Imagine” – Parashat Ha’azinu 5776 Rabbi Ari D. Kahn As we move away from the High Holy Days and return to life as usual, should we be satisfied to return to our status quo ante? Perhaps the experience of Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur should not be limited to retrospection and stock-taking of the passing […]

“And Though the Holes Were Rather Small”

And Though the Holes Were Rather Small Rabbi Ari Kahn – Yom Kippur 5776 In a daring and optimistic passage, the rabbis describe the Divine assistance[1] received by those who make even the smallest gesture of repentance: Yassa said: The Holy One, blessed be He, said to Israel: My children, make for Me an opening […]

The End of the Shmita Year – Rabbi Ari Kahn

The end of the ‘shmita’ year: An opportunity to begin again Rabbi Ari Kahn The Jerusalem Post (Metro & In Jerusalem sections), September 11, 2015 Every week, as Shabbat comes to a close, we mark the departure of the Shabbat Queen with a short havdala ceremony, as one weekly cycle ends and the next begins. […]

When Did Aleinu Become a Daily Prayer?

Aleinu: A Rosh Hashanah Prayer That Migrated Into the Daily Service by Mitchell First (originally published in Jewish Link, September 10, 2015; available here) Every Rosh Hashanah, many are puzzled by the flow of the Musaf Shemoneh Esrei, when Aleinusuddenly appears. After all, Aleinu is a prayer recited all year long at the conclusion of […]

Rewriting History – Rabbi Ari Kahn

Rewriting History Rabbi Ari D. Kahn How the collective called Knesset Yisrael creates a new identity which transcends time Listen here: Rewriting History Rabbi Ari Kahn’s book, A River Flowed from Eden, is now available.

The Happiness of Rosh Hashanah

The Happiness of Rosh Hashanah Rabbi Ari Kahn (September 6, 2015)   What is the nature of Rosh Hashanah? The biblical texts are obscure. Rabbinic texts provide clues that the perspective from heaven may be very different from what we sense here below. Listen here: The Happiness of Rosh Hashanah Rabbi Ari Kahn’s new book, A River Flowed […]

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