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“summarizes the main theories of holiness that he finds among traditional Jewish sources”

Surely you have been wondering about these words and concepts for years, since they are such an integral part of our religion. (The root appears about 900 times in Tanach!) Fortunately, someone has just authored a book with everything you need to know on this topic! The author is Alec Goldstein. The title: “A Theology […]

“chock-full of insights on history, liturgy, and Hebrew” – Jewish Press

I must say that, once again, First comes in first place. Every chapter in Mitchel First’s new book is chock-full of insights on history, liturgy, and Hebrew. Mr. First’s book appeals to the scholar and layman alike. The section on liturgy delves into things we take for granted and explains their origins. For example, Mr. […]

“thoughtful, careful, meaningful and clear”

Hazal’s Principles of the Torah Reviewed by Seth (Avi) Kadish (biu.ac.il) Shavuot is an excellent time not just to learn Torah, but also to think about the Torah. It is the right time, first of all, to get a “bird’s-eye” view of the entire Torah, as we see in the venerable customs to chant piyyutim […]

“a deep, yet quite rewarding book”

Review by Ben Rothke, Times of Israel Hillel the Elder, lived about 2,000 years ago and was one of the greatest sages in Judaism. The Talmud notes that when asked by a prospective convert to Judaism to teach him the entire Torah while he stood on one foot, Hillel succinctly replied “that which is hateful […]

radically opposing points of view are all countenanced in Torah study so long as they come from a sincere and respectful quest for truth

The Ethics of Exodus enables readers to review a variety of commentators’approaches to biblical conundrums in the second book of the Pentateuch, with no need to pull multiple books off the shelf or even to know Hebrew. In this well-organized sequel to The Ethics of Genesis, Abba Engelberg offers answers to 15 questions arising from the 11 portions […]

“a way to understand the deeper issues and broader questions behind the narratives in Genesis” – JBQ

This book deals with various questions, primarily ethical, that arise when reading the Book of Genesis. The questions are those which a thoughtful adult may wonder about while reading the weekly portion, yet are generally not ad-dressed by those classical commentaries who focus on a localized, verse by verse explanation of the text. These questions […]

Naor shines some much needed light on Kook

The Myers–Briggs type indicator is extremely popular, in part that it effortlessly categorizes human personality into 16 categories. Yet as an effective tool for psychological analysis, it’s utterly worthless. Given that the human personality is far too complex to be pigeonholed into its 16 categories. Those with complex and multifaceted personalities are often a challenge […]

The Tension that Is Tanakh

The Tension that Is Tanakh Review by Yaakov Beasley. Originally published at Lehraus.   “Just as a bride is bedecked with twenty-four ornaments, so too a scholar is bedecked with (knowledge of) the twenty-four books of the Tanakh” – Rashi, Exodus 31:18. Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrkanus warned his students, “hold back your children from ‘’higayon’” […]

“R. Angel has done us a tremendous service”

Book Review: Keys to the Palace, by Rabbi Hayyim Angel Review by Mitchell First. This review originally appeared in New Jersey Jewish Link In my youth, I was greatly influenced by the Daat Mikra edition of Tanach, published by Mossad HaRav Kook. One of its main contributions was to take the best of modern scholarship and incorporate […]

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