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Tovim Ha-Shenayim

A Study of the Role and Nature of Man and Woman


Rabbi Chananya Weissman is one of the most outspoken pioneers in trying to remedy the current shidduch crisis, and he has written extensively on how current sociological, psychological, and political factors have unfortunately undermined traditional Torah values. Tovim Ha-Shenayim takes a refreshingly candid look at the timeless wisdom in these primary Torah sources, about the fundamental differences between men and women, the different roles and natures that men and women possess, and, ultimately how these differences can be blended together to make a successful team.

Rabbi Weissman is an educator and the author of five books, including the recently published EndTheMadness Guide to the Shidduch World. Many of his writings are available at www.chananyaweissman.com. He is also the founder of EndTheMadness, a grassroots effort to bring sanity and true Torah values back to the shidduch world, and HotKiddush, a revolutionary way for Jews to meet and network online—both free services to the community. He can be reached at admin@endthemadness.com.

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