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A Fine Blend of Scholarly & Popular Jewish Books

Welcome to Kodesh Press

A Fine Blend of Scholarly & Popular Jewish Books

The Star of David

A Popular History of the Mysterious Hexagram


Today the Star of David is the universally recognized Jewish symbol, but was that always the case? In this fascinating work that includes dozens of full color photographs, Dr. Norman explores the use of the hexagram through its use in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as well as in Buddhism and Eastern philosophies. What was it about the hexagram that made it so attractive in multiple faith traditions? He explains that the earliest documented use of the hexagram is in Capernaum in the sixth century, and was displayed prominently in Prague in the thirteenth century, but it did not become the defining symbol of Judaism until the 1930s, when Nazis forced the Jews to wear a yellow hexagram to indicate their Jewishness. The Star took on new meaning at that point, and then when it was adorned on the flag of the State of Israel in 1948, it took its place as one of the great religious symbols.

Dr. Robert Norman’s work on the Star of David is a greatly impressive book. It is informative, interesting and enlightening. I recommend it to anyone really wanting to understand the history and meaning behind what has now become the symbol of our faith. — Rabbi Zalman Blecher, Chabad Lubavitch of Yardley

As the creator of the Norman Jewish Prayer Center and Library here in Florida and a key member of the Jewish community, Dr. Rob Norman has been a model for tikkun olam and philanthropy as well as an international lecturer and scholar. The Star of David is the product of his voracious love of life and Judaism and his enormous curiosity. I believe it should be read by everyone wanting to learn about the Jewish faith. — Rabbi Lazer Rivkin, Senior Rabbi, Chabad of Central Florida

Dr. Robert Norman, a well-known and respected physician and historian, has produced the ultimate treatise on the Star of David, today a quintessential symbol of Judaism. However, most people don’t realize that this hexagram has been used in other religions, and the intriguing origins, symbolism and magical powers of it make for a wonderful reading experience. — Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto, Ontario

I learned so much and was glued to every page. It meant the world to me as a son of two concentration camp survivors that the yellow Star that emerged from the ashes the Holocaust inspired the happiness of the modern state of Israel and its flag. This wonderful book put the historical context of the Magen David into sharp focus. — Uri Smajovits, Director, Western Florida Jewish National Fund

Dr. Rob Norman is a true modern day “Renaissance man” with his intellectual vitality, wide erudition, and sheer energy and love of discovery. Thus it is no surprise that he crafts here an intriguing, fact-filled tour of a fascinating unsolved mystery: the history and true meaning of the Star of David. Buckle up! — Dr. Tom Woodward, Founder/Director, C. S. Lewis Society Research Professor, Trinity College


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