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Step Up to the Plate!

Baseball & Judaism: How to Win the Game of Life


Baseball is our national pastime. It evokes passion and teaches us about life—about taking charge, about winning and losing, and about playing the best game we can. Judaism is a way of life, a way of viewing the world, and maximizing our time here. It teaches us about self-actualization, relationships, hardships, and achieving true success. It is a system for personal growth. In Step Up to the Plate, Rabbi Yisroel Roll, internationally known author, motivational speaker, and psychotherapist, gives us an inspirational and entertaining book that hits on life’s most meaningful issues through the metaphor of baseball. With interesting anecdotes, illuminating observations, and practical tips, ball-lovers will learn how every aspect of baseball has surprisingly relevant lessons in Judaism.


About Rabbi Yisroel Roll

Rabbi Yisroel Roll is a dynamic motivational speaker, interactive group session leader, lawyer specializing in divorce mediation, psychotherapist specializing in self-esteem enhancement, and the author of six books on self-esteem. He has lectured in Canada, the USA, England, South Africa and Israel. Rabbi Roll is the Director of the Self Esteem Clinic and has served as the Rabbi of New West End Shul in London, England.
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