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Yisroel Juskowitz

Yisroel Juskowitz is a critically acclaimed musician, artist, author, and speaker. His debut album "The Narrow Bridge" has sold out its first two printings and has been featured on over a dozen radio shows. He has just released his first book "The Narrow Bridge" and it has opened to outstanding reviews. Yisroel has toured throughout the United States and his live performances have inspired Jewish audiences of all walks life and ages. Yisroel has been featured in dozens of magazines, newspapers, websites, and blogs, and his artwork has been featured numerous art shows and fairs. He currently lives in Rockville, MD with his wife and son, and works as a physical therapist with special needs children.


We have all lived through the Jewish holidays. But the question is: have we really experienced them? Have we really grasped their deeper meanings, understood their rituals, and seen their relevance in modern times? Critically acclaimed artist and author Yisroel Juskowitz challenges the reader to explore the holidays in an innovative way that is both insightful and inspiring.

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The Hidden Path is an exhilarating and extraordinary journey of the mind, body, and soul from critically acclaimed musician and artist Yisroel Juskowitz. In it, many of the most important concepts in Judaism are explored; from the Sabbath, to the Land of Israel, to Prayer, Torah, and Redemption. It also contains chapters on many of […]

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